Microelectronics Cloud Alliance

Microelectronics Cloud Alliance brings together 18 higher education institutions and small and medium enterprises from nine European countries to develop Cloud-based European infrastructure and organisation for education in microelectronics providing a range of open educational resources, remote access and sharing of educational and professional software, remote and practice-based learning facilities.

Meetings business - academia

Training Events

Attractive courses

Success Stories

 • mClouds for sharing institutional IT infrastructure
 • mClouds for sharing CAD software
 • mClouds with open educational resources
  - 21 courses developed by academic partners as OERs;
  - 4 courses developed by business partners as OERs

• 1128 users of mClouds system (Pilot test & Field trial report)

 New Regional Knowledge Alliances in Microelectronics:
  • Mediterranean (Italy, Spain and France)
  • Central European (Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland)
  • Balkans ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia)
  • Northern Europe (Germany, the Netherlands)
  • Five new countries involved: Portugal, Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia

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