Achievements and Success Stories

INES- Institut National de l'Energie SolaireSeminar in OpenEducation Modules for MEMS and MicroSensors in
MECA European Project at Politecnico di Torino, 30.11.2018
BME-FIEK Cooperation
BME FIEK – BME Centre for University-Industry CooperationBME-NI Promising Example of University-Industry Cooperation
Intership to discover a professional environment
Professional practice for two months
BME-NI Cooperation
Collaboration INOMA - UNEDUniversity - Business Cooperation:
A Partnership for Modernization and Growth
Joint development of the training program of Expert
Maintenance and operation of grid-connected
photovoltaic systems

University-Business Forum
Sofia 22-23 Feb 2018
Success Stories from HungaryStudents opinions, TU-Berlin
Education of Workers along Industrial Needs
Students opinion
IEEE EDUCON, Athens, GreeceTraining at INES
Outstanding Performance Certificate Training of PhD students