Virtual meeting on 12 July 2018
Minutes of the meeting
Training seminar on the recent research results in renewable energies at INES SolaireLecture on Organic & Perovskite solar cells for new applications and new generation of PV technology
List of participats
Minutes of the meeting
Training workshop for teachers by the industrials on job-linked education 5th PSC meeting, CETTI, Bucharest, Romania. 30.10-31.10.2017Meeting for peer review of job-specific teaching, mClouds development and training seminar for system administrators 4th PSC meeting, TU-Berlin
Berlin, Germany. 16.03-17.03.2017
List of participants
Training workshop for teachers
Presentation INOMA
Presentation BME
Presentation INSA Toulouse
Presentation UNED
Presentation eWorks
Presentation CETTI
Presentation TU-Berlin
Training seminar Agenda
Presentation UKIM
Presentation TU-Sofia
List of participants
MECA-Berlin developers training minutes
Partners' reports
3rd PSC meeting.
Online. 11.10.2016
Training event and practical tests of mClouds. POLITO
Torino, Italy. 06.10-08.10.2016
Minutes of the virtual meeting Agenda 2nd training Cloud
Cloud training minutes
List of system administrators
Training workshop for course developers. POLITO
Torino, Italy. 06.10-08.10.2016
Meeting for needs analysis, feasibility of mClouds and learning outcomes.
2nd PSC meeting, INSA-Toulouse, France. 02.06-03.06.2016
Agenda training seminar for course developpers
List of course developers
Minutes training course developers
Dissemination MECA 6months BME
Dissemination Web Pages
Educational Need Analysis MECA TUS
MECA Toulouse MeetingMinutes
Planning the tasks to M2
Results M1
First training seminar for system administrators
INSA-Toulouse, France. 02.06-03.06.2016
Kick-off meeting. Project activities specification and coordination.
Sofia, Bulgaria. 11.02-12.02.2016
Feasibility analysis mClouds eWorks
MECA Toulouse Training Seminar Minutes
Specification of the Cloud System Polito
Cloud system Polito
MECA project
Minutes of the meeting
Partners presentations
Planning the first tasks