The purpose of METIS project is to contribute to the competitiveness of EU microelectronics industry by addressing the shortcomings skills in education & training.
  METIS project embodies EU excellence in microelectronics, with 20 partners from 14 countries representing industry (Start-Ups, SMEs, Large Firms), national and European industry associations, formal educational providers and regulatory bodies in the field of accreditation and certification.

 METIS project brings a unique European partnership establishing a sustainable framework to:
 • anticipate emerging skills needs, identify jobs of the future, define related occupational profiles and monitor progress in the domain of human capital for microelectronics
 • develop a Sector Skills Strategy to support the global leadership of the EU microelectronics industry, establishing operational linkages between skills and the future of the sector
 • establish an EU Microelectronics Observatory & Skills Council
 • design and deliver a modular and blended curriculum, integrating work-based learning that uses OER
 • pave the way for the pan-European recognition and certification of innovative VET.

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