How to be professional is something school does not always teach you so internship is one of the best ways to discover what it is like to work for a company. Following this idea, Lucas Janin, an aerospace engineering student at IPSA Toulouse (Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Sciences in Toulouse), had the opportunity to do a one month internship at INES (National Institute of Solar Energy) in the department of Formation & Evaluation.
 During the summer of 2018, Lucas joined the INES team at Le Bourget-du-Lac and began to work on a critical subject for the use of renewable energies, the energy storage. After he made a synthesis of the reports he was given access to, he did research on the concept of solar cadastre. He then synthesised all the information he gathered in a short presentation to allow an easy understanding of how it works and what it is used for.
 At the end of his internship, he used what he had learnt to produce a study on the feasibility of a solar installation project.

 To understand how a solar panel does work, Lucas followed the “Silicon homojunction solar cells” online MECA course. He was very pleased with the simplicity and clarity of the course and decided to use more MECA courses in the future.