Stanislav Panev is an electrical engineering student from the Technical University of Sofia. This summer he received a bursary from AUF (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) to exercise professional practice experience in the domain of the solar energy. AUF is international association that brings together French universities, colleges and scientific research centers all around the world.
 As a hosting structure, Stanislav choose the French National Institute of Solar Energy (INES- Institut National de l'Energie Solaire) where he exercised a professional practice for two months.

 Due to the training courses in the framework of the MECA educational system, he enriched his university knowledge and was absolutely prepared to accomplish the tasks that was given him by the Institute. His main task was to compare the reliability of different programs dedicated to the PV systems.
 His researches will be used by the National Institute of Solar Energy and the student is going to use them as a base of his future graduation work.